You are viewing documentation for the old version 2.20 of Analyse-it. If you are using version 3.00 or later we recommend you go to the latest documentation.

Copying a chart or statistics to a document

Charts in analysis reports are designed to be printed as part of the entire report, but they can be copy-pasted into other documents such as a Microsoft Word document or an HTML e-mail. The procedure varies depending on the software used, but the following should be generally applicable to most Windows software.

EVALUATION  If you are using the free trial of Analyse-it you cannot copy content from reports to other applications. You will need to buy a licence to enable content to be copied.

To copy a chart or statistics into a Microsoft Word document:

  1. Select the chart or cells to copy.
  2. Click Edit on the Excel menu bar, then click Copy (or press ctrl + C) to copy the chart or cells to the Windows clipboard.
  3. Switch to the open Microsoft Word document and click the point where the chart or cells should be inserted.
  4. Click Edit on the Word menu bar, then click Paste (or press ctrl + V) to paste the chart or cells into the document.