Testing for a difference of means

Probably the most common statistical analysis is a test for a difference in the means of two groups. The Student's t-test is the most popular test.

  1. Open the file Effect of Calcium on Blood Pressure.xlsx.
  2. Click a cell in the dataset.
  3. On the Analyse-it ribbon tab, in the Statistical Analyses group, click Compare Groups drop-down, and then click Student t.
    The analysis task pane opens.
  4. In the Y (response) variable list, select Decrease.
  5. In the X (factor) variable list, select Treatment.
  6. In the Significance level edit box, enter 5%.
  7. Click Calculate.
    The results are calculated and the analysis report opens.

You can see the p-value of the hypothesis test is not significant at the 5% level. Therefore, do not reject the null hypothesis of no difference in the treatments.

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