Acquiring a concurrent license

Acquire a concurrent-use license to use the software.

The software acquires a license when you use a command on the Analyse-it ribbon tab, so you do not normally need to acquire a license manually.
  • Ensure that you have activated the software with a concurrent-user license.
  • Ensure that TCP port 443 (HTTPS) on the firewall is open for communication to on each computer. Analyse-it uses your internet connection to communicate with our license server to manage the concurrent use of the software.
  1. Start Microsoft Excel to start Analyse-it.
  2. On the Analyse-it ribbon tab, click Analyse-it, and then click Acquire.

    The software connects to our license server and acquires a license so you can use the software.

If a license is acquired, you can now use the software. If all licenses are currently in use, you can try again later, can ask others using the software to release the license if they are no longer using the software, or you may consider purchasing more concurrent-user licenses to avoid the problem in future.