Analysis reports

An analysis report is a standard Excel worksheet containing statistics and plots calculated by a statistical analysis. You can print, send, move, copy, and save analysis reports like any other worksheet.

Along with the results of the analysis, the report includes a header that describes the analysis, the dataset and variables analyzed, who performed the analysis and when, and the version of Analyse-it used.

Analysis reports are static. If the underlying data changes, the statistics and plots do not update automatically. You must recalculate an analysis to update it. For example, if you exclude or change the value of an observation, add or remove a case, or change the active filter, you must recalculate the analysis to see the effect of the changes.

You can also edit an analysis to make changes such as adding or removing a plot, performing a statistical test, or estimating a parameter.

Note: The analysis report stores a link to the dataset; the link is used to fetch the latest data when you recalculate the analysis. The link to the dataset can become broken if you choose to keep the dataset and analyses in separate workbooks, then move, rename or delete the dataset workbook on disk. When the link is broken, the analysis cannot be changed or updated. To avoid this potential problem we recommend you keep the dataset and associated analyses in the same workbook.