Comparing multiple means/medians

Compare the means/medians of many independent samples.

  1. Select a cell in the dataset.
  2. On the Analyse-it ribbon tab, in the Statistical Analyses group, click Compare Groups, and then click the multiple comparisons procedure.
    The analysis task pane opens.
  3. In the Y drop-down list, select the quantitative response variable.
  4. In the X drop-down list, select the categorical factor variable identifying the groups.
  5. In the Type drop-down list, select the comparisons, and then:
    • If comparing with best, in the Best drop-down list, select the "best" group.
    • If comparing against a control, in the Control drop-down list, select the control group.
  6. Optional: To sort the contrasts by the magnitude of the difference, select the Ordered check box.
  7. Optional: In the Method drop-down list, select the multiple comparisons procedure, and in the Confidence interval edit box, type the confidence level as a percentage, or type - to suppress the confidence interval, and then in the Confidence bounds drop-down list, select the limits.
  8. Optional: To perform a hypothesis test to test if the difference is equal to 0, select the Hypothesis test check box, and then to compare the p-value, in the Significance level edit box, type the predefined significance level.
  9. Optional: To show a mean-mean scatter plot, select the Mean-Mean scatter plot check box.
  10. Click Calculate.