Deactivating a license

Deactivate the license before you move the software to a different computer.

  • Ensure that TCP port 443 (HTTPS) on the firewall is open for communication to on your computer. Analyse-it uses your internet connection to simplify deactivation.
  1. Start Microsoft Excel to start Analyse-it.
  2. On the Analyse-it ribbon tab, click Analyse-it, and then click Deactivate.
    The Deactivate window opens.
  3. Click Next.

    The software uses your internet connection to deactivate the license.

  4. If deactivation fails for any reason you must manually deactivate:
    1. Click Deactivate to manually deactivate the license.

      Your browser opens the manual deactivation page at If your computer does not have an internet connection, you can open the page from any computer or device with an internet connection to complete the deactivation of the license.

    2. On the manual deactivation page, enter the Product Key and Site ID from the Deactivate window.
      Note: The Site ID is unique to each computer. Do not contact technical support asking for a Site ID as we cannot provide it. It only shows on the Deactivate window in the software.
    3. In the Deactivate window, Click Next.
  5. Click Close.

You can no longer use the software on your computer.