Advanced models

Advanced models describe the relationship between a response variable and multiple predictor terms.

An advanced model is built from simple terms, polynomial terms and their interactions.

Some common forms of advanced models are:

Type Description
Simple regression A single quantitative simple term (X).
Multiple regression Two or more quantitative simple terms (X, Z)
Polynomial A series of polynomial terms of the nth degree (X, X², X³...).
One-way ANOVA A single categorical term (A).
Two-way ANOVA Two categorical terms (A, B).
Two-way ANOVA with interaction Two categorical terms and their interaction (A, B, A*B).
Fully factorial ANOVA All the simple categorical terms and all the crossed interaction terms (A, B, C, A*B, A*C, B*C, A*B*C).
ANCOVA One or more categorical terms and one or more quantitative terms (A, X) or (A, X, A*X).