Troubleshooting Analyse-it start-up

The trouble-shooter can be used with Analyse-it version 3.00 and later.

When Analyse-it does not start with Microsoft Excel, follow the trouble-shooting steps below to fix the problem or identify why.

  1. Analyse-it should start automatically when you start Excel. If you cannot see the Analyse-it tab in the Excel Ribbon, click the button below to download the automated trouble-shooter:

    Download Troubleshooter 
    Supports 32 & 64-bit (0.45 MB)
  2. When the download completes, double-click AnalyseIt.Troubleshooter.EXE to run it.
  3. The trouble-shooter will start, will try to fix common problems with Analyse-it, and will gather diagnostics to help us further. You will be asked to start Microsoft Excel during trouble-shooting so we can collect diagnostics from Analyse-it as it starts.

  4. When complete, click Send to support to submit the report automatically to us so we can look into it further. If it cannot be sent automatically, click Copy to clipboard and paste the content into an e-mail to
  5. If no solution to the problem was found we will contact you to help further in identifying the problem.