About us We have developed intuitive high-quality statistical software at an affordable price -- backed up by fast friendly customer service -- for over 25 years...

We have been developing statistical software for over 25-years, have over 30-years software development experience (each developer, not aggregate) in a wide range of disciplines, and have been recognized as a Microsoft Silver Application Development Partner.

Analyse-it was released in 1997 and it quickly became the leading add-in for statistical analysis in Microsoft Excel. It brought easy to use statistical software to Microsoft Excel, which looked great, performed well, and introduced some of the latest innovative statistical analyses in software.

We’ve since worked with some of the largest companies in the world and have an unblemished reputation. In fact the CLSI approached us to develop StatisPro, statistical software for the CLSI method validation guidelines, on the strength of our reputation.

At Analyse-it, we:

  • Put your needs at the centre of our development.
    We develop software based on the real-world needs of real-world statisticians. That’s why, over the years, Analyse-it has evolved into distinct editions to meet your requirements.
  • Take care and pride in our work
    We are a professional software development company. That means, unlike many Excel add-in developers, we use sound software development and QA practices, including unit/integration/system testing, agile development, code reviews, issue tracking, and source code control for change management. We even developed an automated error reporting feature for Analyse-it so, should the worst happen, you can send bug reports to us directly from the software with enough diagnostics so we can quickly identify and fix problems. Read more about our software development process.
  • Treat customers as we’d want to be treated
    Our focus on customer support is just part of the way we keep our customers happy. We also provide fair pricing that’s affordable enough for people who aren’t full-time statisticians. A maintenance policy with no unexpected costs.
  • Support our customers as a matter of priority
    Our support works at every level, from built-in tutorials and user’s guide to a direct point of contact over e-mail. Whenever there’s an issue or a question, we’re ready to help.
  • Stand behind our products
    With a no-quibble 30-day refund policy that makes buying Analyse-it a no risk decision.

  • 2019
  • Released Analyse-it version 5.30 with various improvements such as Durbin-Watson and user weights in regression.
  • 2018
  • Customers rate Analyse-it 5-star, see:
  • Released Analyse-it version 5.10, with the ability to save & re-apply filters to analyses on recalculate.
  • Released Analyse-it version 5.00 which includes tutorials for CLSI EP15-A3, EP05-A3, & EP06-A.
  • 2017
  • Analyse-it is 20-years old. Over 35,000 customers all over the world now rely on Analyse-it.
  • Released Analyse-it version 4.80 now including ANOVA, ANCOVA, and Cronbach's Alpha.
  • Revamped documentation for Analyse-it and released the PDF user-guide.
  • 2016
  • Released Analyse-it version 4.60, adding 3-factor precision analysis to support CLSI EP05-A3 multi-laboratory precision studies.
  • 2015
  • Launched the new Analyse-it Quality Control & Improvement edition for SPC, process capability and pareto analysis.
  • Launched the new Analyse-it Method Validation edition version 4.00 for Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016 with support for CLSI guidelines.
  • Excel 2016 released.
  • 2014
  • Released StatisPro 3.00, our software for method validation according to CLSI guidelines.
  • 2013
  • Launched the new Analyse-it Method Validation edition version 3.50 for Excel 2007/10/13.
  • Released StatisPro 2.50, our software for method validation according to CLSI guidelines.
  • Excel 2013 released.
  • 2012
  • Analyse-it is 15-years old. Over 25,000 customers have performed millions of analyses.
  • Launched the all new reimagined Analyse-it version 3.00 for Excel 2007/10/13.
  • 2010
  • Recognized as a Microsoft Silver Partner (ISV competency).
  • Launched StatisPro with the CLSI at AACC in Anaheim, Los Angeles.
  • Excel 2010 32/64-bit released.
  • 2009
  • CLSI approached us to partner and develop a new method validation software package to faithfully implement CLSI guidelines.
  • 2007
  • Launched Analyse-it version 2 supporting the new Excel user interface and expanding the range of statistical tests.
  • Excel 2007 released.
  • 2005
  • Grew into the leading method validation software developer. Used by most of the World's Top 10 IVD companies.
  • 2003
  • Excel 2003 released.
  • 2001
  • Excel 2002 (XP) released.
  • 1999
  • Excel 2000 released.
  • 1997
  • Launched Analyse-it version 1 for Excel 5/95/97.
  • Analyse-it Software, Ltd. formed to develop easy to use statistical software.
  • Excel 97 released.
  • 1995
  • Consulted for a leading pharmaceutical company and a major IVD company, developing statistics add-ins for Excel to support their business.
  • 1993
  • Excel 5 released with the Data Analysis Toolpak.
  • 1992
  • Developed Astute at University of Leeds. The first statistical analysis add-in for Excel and the DNA of today's Analyse-it.
  • Excel 4 for Windows released.
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