Release history Changes in each release of Analyse-it

Below is a full release history for Analyse-it with an overview of what changed in each release. Click the version hyperlink to download a specific version.

Version 6.15
(18 Apr 2023)


  • Changed default Linearity command to CLSI EP6-AEd2 options
Version 6.10
(25 Jul 2022)

Added Survival analysis to Analyse-it Ultimate Edition


  • New Kaplan-Meier survival function.
  • Added Log-rank, Wilcoxon, Tarone-Ware, Fleming-Harrington tests.
Version 6.01
(3 May 2022)

Fit Model

  • Added Cox proportional hazard regression model.
  • Improved odd-ratios in logistic regression to support models including interaction terms.


  • Added support to PCA monoplot to vary vector colors.

Fit Model

  • Logistic/Probit fit tighter convergence criteria and added warning message when a large number of fitted values p=0 or p=1.
Version 5.92
(19 Jan 2022)


  • Fix so variance function uses measuring interval for calculating fit
Version 5.90
(27 Jul 2021)

Fit Model

  • Added support for inverse prediction of X given Y in simple regression models
  • Added ability to plot predictions or inverse predictions on scatter plot
Version 5.81
(23 Jun 2021)

Added Recalculate All command to recalculate all analyses in the workbook.


  • Added support for the new CLSI EP6-Ed2 linearity procedure. CLSI now defines the deviation from linearity as the difference between the mean of replicates and the linear fit, and therefore no longer requires fitting polynomial models. (Estimating the linearity of a measurement procedure (EP06-Ed2))
Version 5.68
(3 Dec 2020)

Minor bug fixes

Version 5.66
(17 Aug 2020)

Minor bug fixes

Version 5.65
(14 Aug 2020)

Fit model

  • Probit/Logit regression inverse prediction confidence intervals

Diagnostic performance

  • Noninferiority/Equivalence tests for comparing sensitivity/specificity
  • Updated help topics for comparing sensitivity/specificity
Version 5.61
(3 May 2020)

Change to free trial

Version 5.60
(27 Apr 2020)

Fit model

  • Probit regression multiple inverse predictions

Method Comparison

  • Bangdiwala's agreement plot for visualizing agreement (Agreement plot)
  • Dice-Sørensen average agreement measure
  • New help topics on binary/semi-quantitative agreement measures
Version 5.51
(2 Apr 2020)

Fit model

  • Probit regression (including features to perform CLSI EP17-A2 using Probit regression) (Fitting a simple probit regression, Estimating the detection limit using a probit fit)
  • Transform X and Y variable in simple regression


  • Transform variable


  • Predict variance at a given U for precision profile variance function
  • Improved handling of small negative numbers in fitting a precision profile variance function (thanks to Bill Sadler for his suggestions)
  • Hide excluded outliers in Variability plot

Method Comparison

  • Set seed in P&B bootstrap procedure
  • Log X-axis scale on difference plots

Reference Interval

  • Set seed in bootstrap procedures

Diagnostic test

  • Multiple prior probabilities for computation of predictive values.
Version 5.40
(2 Oct 2019)

Distribution / Compare groups / Compare pairs

  • Added TOST (two-one-sided t-test) for equivalence
Version 5.30
(3 Jul 2019)

Fit Model

  • Added Durbin-Watson test for autocorrelation
  • Added weighted regression with user provided weights

Fixes for international formatting issue


  • Added Median Absolute Difference (MAD) to descriptive statistics
Version 5.20
(6 Mar 2019)

New feature: ability to specify minimum, maximum and units for a variable to help scaling chart axes.

Version 5.11
(12 Feb 2019)


  • Changed Detection Limit non-parametric quantile computation method to align with CLSI EP17
Version 5.10
(11 Oct 2018)

Minor bug fixes

Version 5.01
(10 Aug 2018)

Added EP06-A tutorial


  • Weighted regression fit for scenarios where the precision is not constant across the measuring interval
  • Adjust the measuring interval to find the linear range


  • Removed rounding of Satterthwaite DF for better compatibility with other software and EP05-A3 examples
  • Fixed computation of confidence interval on partial sum of variance components
Version 4.97
(16 Jul 2018)

Improved quick-start guide

Included example datasets and analyses

Fixes for Office 2016 monitor DPI awareness

Version 4.96
(12 Jun 2018)

Temporarily fixes a problem where the Analyse-it user interface does not appear in the task pane on Excel 2016. A permanent fix will be available as soon as possible.

Version 4.95
(23 May 2018)

Improvements to the Ultimate & Method Validation editions:

Added EP05-A3 tutorial


  • Added Generalized ESD outlier identification (Grubb’s test for more than one outlier) to MSA precision analysis.
  • Improved Variability plot to show possible and excluded outliers.
Version 4.92
(7 Dec 2017)

Added EP15-A3 tutorial

Method comparison

  • Various improvements to prediction interval in Deming regression

Fixed start-up issue experienced by some customers

Version 4.91
(3 Nov 2017)


  • Added 4-parameter flexible variance function for precision profiles with a turning point near the detection limit
Version 4.90
(18 Sep 2017)

First official release using Microsoft .NET 4

Shows active AutoFilter conditions in report header

Method comparison

  • Added to restrict fit to a group
  • Added prediction intervals to Ordinary Deming and Weighted Deming regression for commutability studies


  • Reorganized precision report so it's more compact by integrating additional summary table into Abbreviated and Detailed component tables
  • Fixed bug in precision profile where the variance function fit could result in negative variance estimates due to a flaw in detecting boundary condition (thanks to Bill Sadler for raising this issue)
  • Added constraints for J parameter in 3-parameter variance function
Version 4.81
(27 Jun 2017)

Round-up of recent minor fixes

Method comparison

  • Fix for Mean vs 1st replicate computing lambda for Deming regression with unequal replicates per item.

Initial test release for .NET 4.0

Version 4.80
(30 Mar 2017)


  • Fit model now supports ANOVA and ANCOVA models (2-way, 3-way and more).
  • Main effect and interaction plots.
  • Multiple comparisons of means.

Cronbach’s alpha

Save analysis options as default on Descriptive tasks

Major improvements to help system

  • Added many common tasks
  • Included dataset layout for each type of analysis

Code signed assemblies

Version 4.65
(4 Oct 2016)

Analyse-it Method Validation edition, version 4.65

Method comparison

  • Added vary color / symbol by to plots allowing identification of stratification
  • Added mean of X vs 1st Y replicate for compatibility with version 2
  • Added Sy.x to Deming regression for compatibility with version 2


  • Changed colors on variability plot to be more distinctive

Fit Model

  • Changed vary color / symbol by to apply to residual and other diagnostic plots in addition to the scatter plot

Fix to linearity scatter plot

Version 4.60
(28 Apr 2016)

Analyse-it Method Validation edition, version 4.60

MSA Precision analysis

  • Added support for 3 nested factors, for CLSI EP05-A3 multi-laboratory studies

Fix to print area for international users

Fix for MSA variability plot showing blank with only replicates

Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 4.51
(15 Dec 2015)

Release candidate of the Analyse-it Quality Control and Improvement edition, see

  • Improved: Ribbon icons

Reference Interval & Diagnostic performance

  • Combined onto a single menu


  • Added tool-tips
  • Fixed assigned values sometimes could not be assigned to levels on MSA
Version 4.20
(28 Sep 2015)

Initial support for Excel 2016

Version 4.10
(2 Sep 2015)

Improved performance and reduced memory requirements for Passing-Bablok bootstrapped confidence intervals

Version 4.00
(7 Jul 2015)

Analyse-it Method Validation edition, version 4.00

  • Support for CLSI guidelines

Reference interval

  • Partition factors for separate reference interval analysis of sub-groups.
  • Additional transformation functions: Manly exponential, 2-stage Exponential/Modulus transformation.
  • Normal MVUE quantile estimator for reference limits.

Diagnostic performance

  • Bi-Histogram and dot-pot of the distribution of positive/negative cases.

Method comparison

  • Adjust measuring interval to a linear range and extrapolate fits beyond the data to the measuring interval.
  • Partition into measuring intervals, with different relationships (e.g. constant / relative differences or variances) for each measuring interval.


  • Improved report and plots.
  • Integrated into MSA to allow unified approach to evaluation of other components of error.


  • Improved report and plots.
  • Precision profile variance function fits with a choice of 7 fits, including Sadler 3-parameter functions.
  • Limit of quantitation via prediction from CV% on precision profile plot.

Trueness (NEW!)

  • Estimate bias with reference materials or PT/EQA material.

Detection capability (NEW!)

  • Estimate the decision level critical value (LoB) using parametric and non-parametric estimator on blank material or via the precision profile variance function.
  • Estimate the detection limit (LoD) using non-blank material or via the precision profile variance function.
Version 3.90
(23 Feb 2015)

Correlation / PCA / EFA

  • Added Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA)

Fixed recalculate active analysis after changing filter

Improvements for installation in virtualised environments

Added floating-user licence monitoring in the About Analyse-it dialog box

Version 3.80
(15 Aug 2014)

Correlation / PCA

  • Added Principal Component analysis (PCA)
  • Added biplot - PCA/correlation/covariance
  • Added color maps on correlation and other patterned matrices
  • Added PCA tutorial with video
Version 3.76
(8 Jul 2014)

Method Comparison

  • Added non-parametric Bland-Altman limits of agreement tutorial


  • Added option for 1st and 99th percentile

Support for dates in categorical data

Version 3.75
(24 Apr 2014)

Method Comparison

  • Added Bland-Altman limits of agreement based on ratio of measurements, linear regression, and non-parametric percentile method.
  • Added in-depth tutorial on how to establish limits of agreement in various different situations.
Version 3.71
(23 Apr 2014)

Method Comparison

  • Added mountain plot
Version 3.70
(24 Mar 2014)

Compare groups

  • Added multiple comparisons: Hsu with Best, Scheffe, Steel (non-parametric against control), Dwass-Steel-Critchlow-Fligner (non-parametric all pairs), Wilcoxon (individual comparisons).
  • Added p-value on all multiple comparisons.
  • Added graphical confidence intervals on Excel 2010 and later.
  • Added mean-mean scatter plot for representing multiple comparisons.

Fit Model

  • Added lack of fit test for all simple regression models: Line, Polynomial, Logarithmic, Exponential, Power.
  • Added maximum attainable R2 in conjunction with lack of fit test.
  • Added save variables back to the dataset: Fitted Y, Residuals, Standardized Residuals, Studentized Residuals, Leverage, Cook's Influence.
  • Added t-test on regression coefficients.
  • Added standardized beta coefficients.


  • Added covariance matrix
  • Added correlation coefficient confidence intervals shown graphically on Excel 2010 and later.

Improved administrator help

Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 3.60
(12 Dec 2013)

Compare pairs

  • Added repeat-measures ANOVA
  • Added Friedman test
Version 3.53
(28 Nov 2013)

Minor change to floating-user licences for use on virtual desktops.

Minor bug fixes for Excel 2013.

Bug fix for co-existence with Analyse-it v2.xx

Bug fix for excessive CPU use before concurrent-user licence is acquired

Version 3.52
(2 Oct 2013)

Major new release of the Analyse-it Method Validation edition.

Method Comparison

  • Method comparison functions: scatters plots, difference plots, and fits, are now in one place so it’s easy to make decisions or choose fits after looking at the data.
  • Ordinary linear, Weighted linear, Ordinary Deming, Weighted Deming and Passing & Bablok regressions.
  • Constant difference and relative difference plots with mean difference, allowable difference, and limits of agreement.
  • Bootstrap confidence intervals for parameters and bias in Passing & Bablok regression.
  • Exact p-values on CUSUM linearity test.
  • Predict mean difference at decision levels.
  • Equality and equivalence hypothesis tests at decision levels.
  • Kappa and Weighted Kappa qualitative method comparison.


  • Graybill-Wang / Ting-Burdick-Graybill-Jeyaratnam-Lu modified large sample confidence interval estimators for variance components – produces confidence closer to the stated level than Satterthwaite confidence intervals, which can be too liberal.
  • Support for unbalanced 1- and 2-factor nested random ANOVA models, for looking at precision between days, runs, laboratories, etc.


  • Hsieh-Liu confidence interval estimator for degree of nonlinearity.
  • Equality and equivalence hypothesis tests for nonlinearity.

Reference interval

  • Harrell-Davis, Bootstrap, and Robust Bi-weight quantiles.
  • Box-Cox and other transformations.

Diagnostic performance / ROC

  • Compare up to 10 independent or correlated ROC curves.
  • Equality, equivalence and non-inferiority hypothesis tests.
  • Estimate false positive fraction (FPF) at fixed sensitivity, sensitivity at fixed FPF, and sensitivity/FPF at fixed cut-off.
  • Find optimal decision threshold based on costs.

Binary diagnostic tests

  • Compare sensitivity and specificity of 2 independent or correlated tests.
  • Diagnostic odds-ratio and Youden’s index.
  • Improved confidence interval estimators for likelihood ratio and predictive values.
Version 3.20
(28 Jun 2013)

Distribution, Compare groups & pairs

  • Added assign Color / Symbol to categorical scale variables
  • Added vary scatter and dot plot marker color / symbol by the categories of a variable
  • Added vary frequency plot and mosaic plot color by categories of the variable
  • Added quickly edit Sort order and Color / Symbol using variable options button on analysis task pane

Minor bug fix to the plot for non-English Excel users

Minor bug fix for crash on start-up

Version 3.15
(27 Feb 2013)

Changed analysis commands to always show pop-up menu for access to starting points.

Version 3.10
(25 Feb 2013)

Added Statistical Reference guide to the help

Version 3.03
(20 Dec 2012)

Minor change to avoid buffer overrun warning with Sophos anti-virus.

Version 3.02
(24 Jul 2012)

Major new release of the Analyse-it Standard edition.

  • Supports Excel 2007, 2010, & 2013, 32-bit and 64-bit versions
  • Improved user interface for faster interactive analysis


  • Histogram, polygon, cumulative histogram
  • Univariate box-whisker, dot-, and mean-plots
  • Distribution plots normal Q-Q, CDF plot
  • Shapiro Wilk, Kolmogorov Smirnov, Anderson Darling normality tests
  • Z-test, t-test, Wilcoxon, Sign
  • Binomial test, Pearson X², Likelihood ratio G²
  • Frequency plot, whole-to-part plots

Compare groups

  • Univariate box-whisker, dot-, and mean-plots
  • Z-test, t-test, Welch t-test
  • Wilcoxon Mann-Whitney test, Kruskal-Wallis test
  • ANOVA, Welch ANOVA, Multiple comparisons
  • Fisher F-test, Bartlett, Levene, Brown-Forsythe test for homogeneity
  • Fisher exact, Pearson X², Likelihood ratio G²
  • Mosaic plot

Compare pairs

  • Univariate box-whisker, dot-, and mean-plots
  • Difference plot, histogram of differences
  • Z-test, t-test
  • Wilcoxon test, Sign test
  • Frequency plot


  • Scatter plot with density ellipse
  • Scatter plot matrix with density ellipse and histograms
  • Pearson, Spearman and Kendal correlation coefficient

Fit Model

  • Linear and logistic regression
  • Simple models: linear, logarithmic, exponential, power, polynomial
  • Advanced models with simple, crossed, polynomial, factorial terms, with categorical variables coded as dummy variables
  • Leverage, residual, outlier & influence diagnostic plots
  • Standardized & studentized residuals, Cook's D
  • Test effect of each term, test effect of model
  • Predict Y for X
Version 2.30
(27 Oct 2012)

Minor update, no bug fixes.

Version 2.27
(15 Aug 2012)

Minor fix for blank legend names on latest Excel 2007/2010 service packs

Version 2.26
(17 Oct 2011)

Minor update to fix an issue on start-up with Excel 2010 with Service Pack 1 and the Office File Validation add-in.

Version 2.25
(26 Aug 2011)

Fixed CUSUM linearity test on Passing-Bablok

Version 2.24
(10 May 2011)

Fixed significance test on lack of fit for non-linear model on Linearity

Version 2.22
(6 Jan 2010)

Compatible with Excel 2010 (32-bit only)

  • Added output of fit equation to linear & polynomial regression output
Version 2.21
(5 Aug 2009)

Fixed occasional random crashes for users of Excel 2007.

Version 2.20
(8 May 2009)
  • Added support for Excel 2007 expanded worksheet size: 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns.
  • Fixed crash on Refresh/Collate caused by bug in Excel 2007 Service Pack 2.
  • Fixed issue on Refresh/Collate when the workbook/worksheet containing the dataset had an apostrophe in the book/sheet name.
Version 2.14
(30 Jan 2009)
  • Fixed percent style re-definition warning that sometimes appeared on report output.
  • Fixed box-plots drawing where connecting lines sometimes appeared.
  • Change to rounding of degrees of freedom in CLSI precision.
  • Added option to suffix name of diagnostic test with /H or /L to force ROC algorithm to treat higher/lower values as abnormal.
  • Added UpdateReport function to allow updating an Analyse-it report from VBA.
Version 2.12
(10 Oct 2008)
  • Fixed issue with significant figures formatting on the regression equation (on the scatter plot) for very large coefficients.
  • Fixed Kruskal-Wallis contrasts p-value to a maximum of 1 (Bonferroni method can, in rare cases,calculate p-values larger than 1).
  • Fixed cosmetic issue, due to a bug in Excel 2007 charts, where the horizontal X axis appeared sloped.
  • Update network license no longer requires re-activation
Version 2.11
(13 Jun 2008)
  • Added check to ensure all observations for Weighted Deming regression are greater-than zero.
  • Changed ROC AUC confidence interval to be bounded between 0..1. No changes made to the AUC confidence interval calculation.
  • Fixed label on regression output that shows the confidence level %, which always showed as 95% even if a different level was requested. The confidence intervals calculated are correct, and no changes made to the calculations.
Version 2.10
(20 May 2008)
  • Fixed issue with CV on Weighted Deming Regression, where Analyse-it expected CV as a proportion rather than percentage when one methods CV was specified and other calculated from replicates.
  • Fixed issue with Mark Outlier tool on non-English regional settings where comma was used as a thousand separator.
  • Added Help button to test dialog box to open help for the test.
  • Added index to Help.
Version 2.09
(27 Mar 2008)
  • Fixed code-signing certificate expiry issue.
  • Statistics in chart legends are now formatted to same precision as the source variables.
  • Fixed display issue, where an advisory label indicating when methods compared using Passing-Bablok have a non-linear relationship (p-value > 0.10) was not shown.
Version 2.08
(27 Feb 2008)
  • Fixed labelling of > and >= cut-off operators were reversed, performing >= and > respectively, on the Qualitative Test Performance in Method Evaluation edition.
Version 2.07
(21 Jan 2008)
  • Fixed regression residual histogram scaling issue on Microsoft Excel 97-2003.
Version 2.06
(10 Jan 2008)
  • Fixed chart axis label positioning issue that appeared on some non-English language versions of Microsoft Excel.
Version 2.05
(21 Dec 2007)
  • Kolmogorov-Smirnov now uses the method of Dallal & Wilkinson (The American Statistician, 1986, Vol 40, No 4, pg 294-296) for computation of p-values. The new method is more accurate for small sample sizes.
  • Kolmogrov-Smirnov and Anderson-Darling now report the D and A2 statistic directly rather than the sample stabilized A* and D*.
  • Added 1st and 3rd Quartile to comparative descriptives output.
  • Added TP / TN / FP / FN to ROC curve output.
Version 2.04
(12 Oct 2007)

Added Getting Started tutorial.

Version 2.03
(15 May 2007)

True Excel 2007 interface, with quick access to tests and tools.

  • Simpler dataset setup with predefined experiment templates.
  • Improved histograms, box-plots, mean-, dot- and scatter plots.
  • Major improvements to all the statistical tests, especially the Method Evaluation edition.
  • New easy-to-read online help, with a new Getting Started tutorials.
Version 1.73
(13 Mar 2006)

Existing users are encouraged to update to v2.

Version 1.72
(5 Jan 2004)

Made Kappa test available to the General statistics module. Added an option to omit confidence intervals on comparative box-plots, useful when the sample size is small and box plots appear 'inside-out'.

Version 1.64
(19 Sep 2002)

Changed Passing-Bablok method conversion (regression) algorithm to handle ties in Y.

Version 1.63
(11 Jul 2002)

Modified plotting of ROC curves slightly so the end of the curve is always joined to (1,1)

Version 1.62
(31 May 2002)

Office XP compatible

Improved license system and installer. Existing users upgrading to version 1.60 or later must request a license key (see below).

Added linearity protocol. No documentation is included for this procedure as yet, but an example called "Linearity.xls" is included in the "Analyse-it\System\Examples" folder. If you have any questions please contact us.

Changed linear regression prediction intervals to use t-distribution instead of F-distribution. Warning: the new t-distribution implementation yields narrower prediction intervals compared with the F-distribution.

Added "no intercept in model" to linear regression allowing fitted regression line to be forced through 0 (a.k.a. zero forcing).

Corrected problem where confidence level was not shown on linear regression. Confidence intervals were correct, but confidence level was always shown as 95% instead of chosen level.

Fixed bug in 2-run precision analysis when comparing within-run observed precision against precision claim.

Version 1.42
(22 Mar 1999)

Modified Deming regression residual plot to use standardized residuals instead of absolute residuals to allow easier spotting of outliers (use standard +/- 4 SD rule).

Added 'Linear method comparison' procedure -- basically linear regression modified to be better suited for method comparison studies (p-value tests slope against a hypothesis of 1).

Fixed bug in non-parametric reference intervals, where upper confidence level was reported even though too few samples (less than 119 samples).

Version 1.40
(1 Feb 1999)

Made Analyse-it Office/Excel 2000 compliant. Also fixed new problems introduced by Microsoft Office/Excel 97 service packs.

Version 1.37
(18 Jan 1999)

Improved ROC analysis, with tables showing sensitivity/ specificity/predictive-values for all possible decision-thresholds of each diagnostic test.

Version 1.31
(1 Sep 1998)

Improved linear regression algorithm to produce more accurate results when dependant variables are highly co-linear (now results are more accurate than Minitab!)

Version 1.28
(27 Apr 1998)

Modified precision plot, and fixed bug in the %difference plot of bias plots.

Modified ROC analysis to automatically decide whether higher or lower diagnostic results indicate normal or abnormal.

Version 1.25
(22 Feb 1998)

Added residual plots to Deming and Passing-Bablok method comparison procedures.

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