Analyse-it 4.80 released: ANOVA, ANCOVA and revamped documentation

Last week we released version 4.80 of Analyse-it.

The new release includes multi-way ANOVA, ANCOVA, and Cronbach’s Alpha in the Standard edition, and since every licence includes the Standard edition, these features are available to all users. We also took the opportunity to revamp the help for Analyse-it and develop a PDF user-guide. We’ll go into more details on the improvements in the next few weeks.

If you have active maintenance you can download and install the update now, see updating the software. If maintenance on your license has expired you can renew it to get this update and forthcoming updates, see renew maintenance.

Analyse-it 4.60 released: 3 nested factor precision

Today we released version 4.60 of the Analyse-it Method Validation edition.

The new release now includes 3 nested-factor precision analysis, which extends Analyse-it’s support for CLSI EP05-A3 multi-laboratory precision studies.

If you have you can download and install the update now, see . If maintenance on your license has expired you can renew it to get this update and forthcoming updates, see .

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Announcing the Analyse-it Quality Control & Improvement Edition

We are delighted to announce the addition of the Analyse-it Quality Control and Improvement Edition to the range of Analyse-it products.

The new edition includes the most impressive statistical process control (SPC) charts available in any Excel statistical software package, including Shewhart, Levey-Jennings, CUSUM, and EWMA charts. Process capability statistics and plots help you ensure a process is able to meet specifications. And Pareto plots help you identify the quality-related problems that need the most attention and let you monitor efforts to reduce them.

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Analyse-it 4.20 released: Support for Excel 2016

Microsoft officially released a couple of days ago, and Analyse-it version 4.20 now adds support for Excel 2016.

Over the next few weeks we will tweak the Analyse-it user interface so it matches the new Office 2016 user interface styles. Line styles on the plots in Excel 2016 now also appear a lot thicker, due to anti-aliasing (smoothing), so we will decide whether to address that in a future update – let us know what you think.

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The numerical accuracy of Analyse-it against the NIST StRD

A critical feature of any analytical and statistical software is accuracy. You are making decisions based on the statistics obtained and you need to know you can rely on them.

We have documented our previously, but another good benchmark to test statistical software against is the NIST StRD. The Statistical Engineering and Mathematical and Computational Sciences Divisions of NIST’s Information Technology Laboratory developed datasets with certified values for a variety of statistical methods against which statistical software packages can be benchmarked. The certified values are computed using ultra-high precision floating point arithmetic and are accurate to 15 significant digits.

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Analyse-it 4.0 released: Support for CLSI guidelines, and Measurement Systems Analysis

Today we released version 4.0 of the Analyse-it Method Validation edition. This is a major new release with many new features and improvements.

The latest release of the Analyse-it Method Validation edition now supports 10 of the latest CLSI evaluation protocol (EP) guidelines. guidelines are world-renowned and are recognized by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), The Joint Commission, and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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A sombre note: Professor Rick Jones

The recent of passing of Professor Rick Jones (see ) caused me to reflect on the past.

I was very fortunate to earn a work placement with Dr Rick Jones at The University of Leeds in the summer of 1990. Rick was enthusiastic about the role of IT in medicine, and after securing funding for a full-time position he employed me as a computer programmer. Early projects included software for automating the monitoring of various blood marker tests and software to diagnose Down’s syndrome. At the time many hospitals had in-house solutions for diagnosing Down’s syndrome, and although the project took many years and the help of many other people to complete, it eventually gained widespread adoption.

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Analyse-it 3.80 released: Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

Today we released version 3.80 of the Analyse-it Standard edition.

The new release includes Principal Component Analysis (PCA), an extension to the multivariate analysis already available in Analyse-it. It also includes probably the most advanced implementation of biplots available in any commercial package.

New features include:

The tutorial walks you through a guided example looking at how to use correlation and principal component analysis to discover the underlying relationships in data about New York Neighbourhoods. It demonstrates the amazing new features and helps you understand how to use them. You can either follow the tutorial yourself, at your own pace, or .

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Recent improvements in Analyse-it 3.76 and our first video tutorial!

If you you will no doubt already know about the recent improvements in the Analyse-it Method Validation edition and the release of our first video tutorial. If not, now is a good time to since we post short announcements and feature previews on Facebook, and use the blog only for news about major releases.

The latest changes and improvements to the Analyse-it Method Validation edition include:

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Analyse-it 3.70 released: improved multiple comparisons, confidence interval data bars, mean-mean plot, and save fit model variables back to the dataset

Today we released version 3.70 of Analyse-it.

The new version includes many new features which some of you may have read about on our page over the last few weeks:

New features include:

Compare groups

Fit Model


If you have you will be notified an update is available when you next start Analyse-it, or you can download and install the update now, see . If maintenance on your licence has expired now is a good time to renew it to get this update and forthcoming updates, see .

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