Analyse-it statistical analysis software Medical Edition Statistical software for clinical and biomedical researchers.


The leading software package for clinical and biomedical statistical analysis for over 20-years.

All the specialized statistics and charts you need for medical research, including: Bland-Altman plots to compare methods, ROC curves to evaluate the usefulness of a method, Reference intervals to determine normal ranges, and Survival Analysis to evaluate treatment effectiveness, together with a huge range of standard statistical tests and regression methods.

  • Analyse-it has helped tremendously. Previously I used Prism and Microsoft Excel, but Analyse-it has made my life so much easier and saved so much time.
    Man Khun Chan, M.Sc., ART
    Test Development Medical Technologist
    The Hospital For Sick Children, Toronto, Canada
  • I purchased Analyse-it and I love it. Thank you so much for the superb and easy to use program. Technical support is the best I have ever seen.
    Addy Alsumidaie, MD, Ph.D.
    Director, Clinical Development
    Johnson and Johnson
  • We have incorporated Analyse-it into our real-time daily QA analysis, making us both more efficient and proactive in addressing QA issues. Analyse-it has saved us time and provides the statistics and professional reports we need.
    Dalton Seegert
    Medical Technologist QA/Ancillary Testing
    Veterans Administration
  • Using Analyse-it we have improved several of our quality control testing steps, better controlled our decision making and are still undergoing process improvements.
    Laura Smith
    Production manager
    The Binding Site
  • Although we only scratch the surface of Analyse-it’s capabilities, we have a very high volume of use for the statistics we need. It’s saved us time and the reports look professional.
    Michael Savage
    Chemistry Supervisor
    Baptist Hospital East

Examine diagnostic test performance to find the most effective

Rated best ROC curve software in Clinical Chemistry March 2003 vol. 49 no. 3 pg. 433-439, Analyse-it lets you establish and compare the ability of a diagnostic test to correctly diagnose patients. Explore how the test differentiates between positive and negative cases and explore optimum decision thresholds factoring in the costs of misdiagnosis.

diagnostic ability

Compare method agreement

When introducing a new measurement procedure you want to see how it stacks-up against your existing procedure or evaluate its performance against the gold-standard. Bland-Altman lets you see the agreement between methods and what effect the differences between methods might have on clinical interpretation.

method comparison

Establish reference intervals to make clinical diagnoses

Reference intervals are essential for clinicians to interpret results and make a diagnosis. As a laboratory it's your job to provide normal reference ranges they can rely on. With the widest range of methods available in any software package, the ability to partition the intervals by factors such as sex, age, ethnicity, Analyse-it makes it easy to establish reference ranges or transfer them to a new measurement procedure.

reference intervals

Analyze time-to-event data with survival analysis

Determining the time to an event, such as a patient death or component failure, is essential to evaluate performance of a treatment or component. Kaplan-Meier survival curves let you see and compare and test the difference between multiple survival functions. Proportional Hazards let you model the time-to-event data, including how factors such as Age, Sex, or other co-variates affect survival.

reference intervals
Read about the Standard Edition...

Plus it includes the
Analyse-it statistics software Standard Edition...

All the features from the Analyse-it Standard Edition are included so you can improve processes and products by identifying solutions using hypothesis tests and model fitting techniques.

Integrated into Microsoft Excel, so it's easy to use...

That's right. Analyse-it integrates into Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365 for Microsoft Windows. There's virtually no learning curve, and the intuitive user interface and logical task-based workflow makes sense to those of us that aren’t programmers or full-time statisticians.

All your data and results are kept in Excel workbooks, making it easy to collaborate and share them with colleagues, and meaning there's no locked-in file format.

statistical add-in for Excel

Software you can trust

We've developed software for statistical analysis and method validation for more than 25 years, and popularized statistical procedures that have since been adopted into method validation standards and guidelines.

But it's our customers that matter - the independent laboratories, regulatory agencies, and many of the world's top ten IVD companies. Check out the latest reviews on Capterra, in the meantime here are a few of our customers...

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Case study

Analyse-it® Reduces Method Validation steps at National Reference Laboratory

With Analyse-it, I pull in the data and quickly analyse it, and then prepare figures for manuscripts right there. From the beginning of the project to completion, using one application saves me probably a day's worth of time.

Case study

Analyse-it® Cuts Project Time in Half at Swiss Laboratory

Analyse-it has a tremendous advantage in its ease of use. With other programs, you really have to study how to use them, but Analyse-it makes it so easy, and at the same time offers the advanced procedures we need like Weighted Deming regression.

Accurate and reliable

You might have heard Microsoft Excel isn't up to the job of statistical analysis. It isn't. The built-in functions just aren't built for accuracy. So we don't use a single one. Instead, Analyse-it handles all of the calculations internally, using reliable algorithms and IEEE 754 double floating point precision. And the results to prove it?

See Analyse-it's performance against the NIST-StRD.

Validated, tested at every stage

We've conducted thousands of tests to put Analyse-it through its paces. They cover all releases and service packs of Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365. What's more, validation tests are run automatically after every change to the software so you can be confident the statistics are correct. And stay correct.

See our development & validation process.

Dependable support

No need to resort to old textbooks. Analyse-it includes detailed help that’s written in plain English. And if you get stuck we’re here for extra help - aiming to answer your queries within 24 hours.

Technical specification

System requirements
  • Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365 (32- and 64-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11, Server 2003, 2008, 2012, & 2016
  • 2GB RAM minimum recommended
  • 80MB disk space
Reference interval
Diagnostic performance
  • Diagnostic performance for 1 test, 2 paired tests, or 2 independent tests/groups
  • Sensitivity/Specificity with Clopper-Pearson exact or Wilson score confidence interval
  • Likelihood ratios with Miettinen-Nurminen score confidence interval
  • Predictive values with Mercado-Wald logit confidence interval
  • Odds ratio, and Youden's index
  • Mosaic plot of outcomes
  • Difference between sensitivity/specificity with Newcombe or Tango score confidence intervals
  • McNemar-Mosteller exact, Fisher exact, and Score Z test for equality of sensitivity/specificity
Survival function new in v6.10

Included from the Analyse-it Standard edition...

Compare groups
Compare pairs
Contingency tables
2x2 related tables
2x2 tables
Fit model – ANOVA / ANCOVA / Regression
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