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20-Oct-2015 Announcing the Analyse-it Quality Control & Improvement Edition

Update 15-Dec-2015

We have just released an update to the pre-release. The software is now available for anyone to test, and it now includes tutorials you can follow to quickly get started using Pareto analysis, Control charts, and Capability analysis. It does not require an active internet connection as we no longer need to monitor the software for error conditions.

You can download the latest release and try the software from:


To activate the use the product key:


Original article

We are delighted to announce the addition of the Analyse-it Quality Control and Improvement Edition to the range of Analyse-it products.

The new edition includes the most impressive statistical process control (SPC) charts available in any Excel statistical software package, including Shewhart, Levey-Jennings, CUSUM, and EWMA charts. Process capability statistics and plots help you ensure a process is able to meet specifications. And Pareto plots help you identify the quality-related problems that need the most attention and let you monitor efforts to reduce them.

Screenshot: Xbar-R chart of a quality characteristic by phase with stratification.

Screenshot: Process capability plots by phase.

Screenshot: Pareto plot of failures with stratification and sorted by key plot.

Download the pre-release now

The new release is currently available for pre-release beta testing. Anyone can download and test the new release, though you will need an active internet connection to use it as we monitor usage and reliability of the pre-release.

You can download the pre-release at:


To activate the pre-release, use the product key:


We are now working to update the documentation to explain the new features of the software, but in the meantime these examples should help you get started

Pareto.xlsx: Pareto plots of failures stratified by date and before/after maintenance

BurstingStrength.xlsx: X-bar R control charts and capability analysis of bursting strength of glass containers

Cans.xlsx: Shewhart p and np control plots analysis of can seal attribute data

We will provide more information about the product, availability and pricing shortly, including pricing for existing users that want to upgrade to include the new quality control features.

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