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14-Jan-2014 Our software development and validation process

Probably the greatest concern when using statistical software is reliability. Is the software producing accurate, numerically correct results that have been validated?

It’s a very important question. Many of you work in FDA and regulated environments where the penalties for mistakes are very high. And those of you outside such environments are still making important business and research decisions using Analyse-it. It’s therefore imperative that the software you depend upon is developed to a professional standard, thoroughly tested and validated.

Today we are publishing details of the software development and validation process we use at Analyse-it, see:


For those of you working in regulated environments the document is essential to justify the use of off-the-shelf, third-party software.

For everyone else it explains exactly how Analyse-it is developed, tested and validated. You can use it as a checklist against which to judge the quality of alternatives. But be wary. Professional software development is complex and developing numerical software more so. We have over 25-years software development experience (each developer, not aggregate), and over 20-years developing statistical software.

For more about our track record, see:


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