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27-Feb-2014 Analyse-it 3.70 released: improved multiple comparisons, confidence interval data bars, mean-mean plot, and save fit model variables back to the dataset

Today we released version 3.70 of Analyse-it.

The new version includes many new features which some of you may have read about on our Facebook page over the last few weeks:

New features include:

Compare groups

  • Multiple comparisons: Hsu (with best), Scheffe (all contrasts), Steel (non-parametric against control), Dwass-Steel-Critchlow-Fligner (non-parametric all pairs), Wilcoxon (individual comparisons).
  • p-value on all multiple comparisons.
  • Confidence interval data bars on Excel 2010 and later.
  • Mean-Mean scatter plot for visualizing multiple comparisons.

Fit Model

  • Lack of fit test for all simple regression models: Line, Polynomials, Logarithmic, Exponential, Power.
  • Maximum attainable R2 in conjunction with lack of fit test.
  • Save variables back to the dataset: Fitted Y, Residuals, Standardized Residuals, Studentized Residuals, Leverage, Cook's Influence.
  • t-test on regression coefficients.
  • Standardized beta coefficients.


  • Covariance matrix.
  • Correlation coefficient confidence interval data bars on Excel 2010 and later.

If you have active maintenance you will be notified an update is available when you next start Analyse-it, or you can download and install the update now, see updating the software. If maintenance on your licence has expired now is a good time to renew it to get this update and forthcoming updates, see renew maintenance.

We'll go into more detail on the new features over the next few weeks. In the meantime, like us on Facebook to get the latest news, see announcements of forthcoming features, and get handy tips on how to use the myriad of features in Analyse-it.

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