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18-Aug-2014 Analyse-it 3.80 released: Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

Today we released version 3.80 of the Analyse-it Standard edition.

The new release includes Principal Component Analysis (PCA), an extension to the multivariate analysis already available in Analyse-it. It also includes probably the most advanced implementation of biplots available in any commercial package.

New features include:

  • Principal Components Analysis (PCA).
  • Scree plot.
  • Classical Gabriel and modern Gower & Hand biplots.
  • Covariance and Correlation monoplots.
  • Color maps for correlations and patterned matrices, based on sign and magnitude, to help identify patterns.
  • Tutorial (with video) on how to visualize the relationships between variables and similarities between observations.

The tutorial walks you through a guided example looking at how to use correlation and principal component analysis to discover the underlying relationships in data about New York Neighbourhoods. It demonstrates the amazing new features and helps you understand how to use them. You can either follow the tutorial yourself, at your own pace, or sit back and watch the video now.

If you have active maintenance you can download and install the update now, see updating the software. If maintenance on your licence has expired you can renew it to get this update and forthcoming updates, see renew maintenance.

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