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Analyse-it release 3.52



Major new release of the Analyse-it Method Validation edition.

Method Comparison

  • Method comparison functions: scatters plots, difference plots, and fits, are now in one place so it’s easy to make decisions or choose fits after looking at the data.
  • Ordinary linear, Weighted linear, Ordinary Deming, Weighted Deming and Passing & Bablok regressions.
  • Constant difference and relative difference plots with mean difference, allowable difference, and limits of agreement.
  • Bootstrap confidence intervals for parameters and bias in Passing & Bablok regression.
  • Exact p-values on CUSUM linearity test.
  • Predict mean difference at decision levels.
  • Equality and equivalence hypothesis tests at decision levels.
  • Kappa and Weighted Kappa qualitative method comparison.


  • Graybill-Wang / Ting-Burdick-Graybill-Jeyaratnam-Lu modified large sample confidence interval estimators for variance components – produces confidence closer to the stated level than Satterthwaite confidence intervals, which can be too liberal.
  • Support for unbalanced 1- and 2-factor nested random ANOVA models, for looking at precision between days, runs, laboratories, etc.


  • Hsieh-Liu confidence interval estimator for degree of nonlinearity.
  • Equality and equivalence hypothesis tests for nonlinearity.

Reference interval

  • Harrell-Davis, Bootstrap, and Robust Bi-weight quantiles.
  • Box-Cox and other transformations.

Diagnostic performance / ROC

  • Compare up to 10 independent or correlated ROC curves.
  • Equality, equivalence and non-inferiority hypothesis tests.
  • Estimate false positive fraction (FPF) at fixed sensitivity, sensitivity at fixed FPF, and sensitivity/FPF at fixed cut-off.
  • Find optimal decision threshold based on costs.

Binary diagnostic tests

  • Compare sensitivity and specificity of 2 independent or correlated tests.
  • Diagnostic odds-ratio and Youden’s index.
  • Improved confidence interval estimators for likelihood ratio and predictive values.

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  • Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 (32 & 64-bit)
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, & Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016
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