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Date Location Course Provider Cost
3rd April 2019
9am to 5pm
BIO CITY Leipzig,
Deutscher Platz 5c,
04103 Leipzig,
Bio-statistics with Analyse-it

The evaluation of data from clinical laboratories and biomedical research requires a sound statistical basis. In addition to the generation of research results, statistical methods also play a central role in quality assurance and method validation.

The seminar will introduce basic methods of biostatistics. Data from method validation experiments will mainly be used as examples.The aim of the seminar is to introduce scientific staff and laboratory assistants to basic statistical approaches and at the same time to apply and deepen this knowledge in exercises.

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Dr. Thomas Keller
ACOMED statistik
 +49 341 3910195
EUR 300 + VAT
(BIOSAXONY members)

EUR 385 + VAT

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Name Languages spoken Areas of expertise Services
Dr. Thomas Keller
ACOMED statistik
Leipzig, Germany
 +49 341 3910195
German, English Statistical design and analysis of method validation experiments (analytical performance) and diagnostic studies (clinical performance). Dr Keller was a member of CLSI subcommittee EP09 (bias estimation and method comparison) and m a member of EP25 (stability), and is a a member of the IFCC working group "Commutability". Consultancy.

Telephone consultation and online WebEx webinars and workshops for anything from simple questions to full courses for individuals and small groups.

On-site training courses for statistical methods and application of software, in particular training on method validation (see a sample CLSI method validation course schedule).
Thierry Anthouard
Lyon, France
 +33 04 37 24 36 78
 +33 06 80 22 13 14
French All types of statistical analysis, including ANOVA, Regression, Design of Experiments (DOE), Statistical Process Control (SPC), Diagnostic test performance, ROC. Consultancy.

On-site training courses.

Dr. John M. Thompson B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., Chartered Chemist, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society
Tracer Measurement Systems Ltd.
Birmingham, United Kingdom
 +44 (0)7787 552913
English Experimental design, Statistics for R&D, Analytical method development and validation, Statistical process/quality control, Medical statistics (including Design and Analysis of clinical trials for clinical diagnostic technologies), Statistical sampling strategy design & analysis, Reliability engineering statistical analysis, Compositional data analysis, Statistical graphics, Robust and resistant statistics, Nonparametric statistics, Exploratory data analysis. Consultancy.

Hands-on small group (max 10 trainees) 1- & 2-day training workshops.
Magnus Pettersson
Göteborg, Sweden
 +46 (0)31 7037370
Swedish (Norwegian & Danish), English, Kurdish, Bosnian (Serbian & Croatian), basic skills in German & French Clinical trials, Design of Experiments (DOE), Statistical Process Control (SPC), Method validation, Market research, Data mining, General statistics, Six sigma and LEAN. Consultancy.

Design and analysis.

Statistical participation in projects.

No training services.
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