You are viewing documentation for the old version 2.30 of Analyse-it. If you are using version 3.00 or later we recommend you go to the latest documentation.

Filtering data for analysis

When exploring data it can be useful to analyse a subset of the cases from the dataset, for example to see summary statistics for just Male or Female subjects.

To allow analysis of just a subset of cases Analyse-it only analyses the cases that are visible on the worksheet. Observations on hidden rows will not be included in the analysis. Rows can be manually hidden to exclude them from analysis, or Excel's AutoFilter or Advanced Filter can be used to hide rows based on conditions:

  • A specific value or category, e.g. filter by Sex to just show Female cases.
  • A range of the highest or lowest values of the variable. The number of values to show, e.g. 10, or a percentage of the total number of values, e.g. show 10% of the top values, can be chosen.
  • A boolean condition using operators such as <, >, <=, >= and using boolean AND or OR to combine up to two conditions.

IMPORTANT  When Analyse-it updates a report it will analyse the cases that are currently visible in the dataset, rather than the cases that were visible when the analysis was first performed.

To use AutoFilter to limit analysis to a subset of the dataset:

  1. Select a cell in range containing a List dataset.
  2. Click Filter (click to enlarge)on the Analyse-it tab/toolbar.
  3. Excel shows drop-down arrows alongside the names of the variables of the dataset. Click the drop-down arrow then click the value to filter to, Top 10... to filter to a range of values, or Custom... to use a boolean condition.
  4. Analyse-it will now analyse just the subset of the dataset.

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