You are viewing documentation for the old version 2.20 of Analyse-it. If you are using version 3.00 or later we recommend you go to the latest documentation.

About Continuous scale

By default Analyse-it assumes variables are measured on a continuous scale. Continuous scale is sometimes further sub-divided into ratio and interval scales, but Analyse-it does not distinguish these scales as they rarely affect the choice of statistical test.

Continuous observations should be entered on the worksheet as numeric values. Excel formulas can be used to calculate observations or transform the observations of another variable. An Excel Number format should be applied to the cells containing the observations to aid presentation and help Analyse-it determine the precision to which statistics based on the variable will be presented (see Setting observation precision).

IMPORTANT  When Analyse-it reads the observations of a variable it gets the full-precision numeric value stored in the cell, rather than using the value as displayed.