You are viewing documentation for the old version 2.30 of Analyse-it. If you are using version 3.00 or later we recommend you go to the latest documentation.

Updating an analysis

Analysis reports show a static copy of the statistics and charts calculated by Analyse-it. The statistics and charts are not live and do not automatically update if the dataset is changed or new data appended.

However, unlike most statistical software, the reports can be updated. Analyse-it maintains a link to the dataset analysed and stores information to repeat the analysis and recalculate the statistics. Changes to the filtering (see Filtering data for analysis) and data are reflected in the updated report.

To update an analysis:

  1. Activate the report to update.
  2. Click Refresh (click to enlarge)on the Analyse-it tab/toolbar.
  3. Analyse-it re-analyses the data and updates the report.

The variables and options used to run the analysis can be viewed and changed if necessary (see Editing an analysis).

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