Setting the number format for a variable

Set the precision of the data so that the results of the analysis show to a suitable number of decimal places.

Note: If you do not set the number format (or you use the Excel General number format), the number of decimal places is determined by the data value with the most decimal places.
  1. Activate the dataset worksheet.
  2. On the Analyse-it ribbon tab, in the Dataset group, click Dataset.
    The dataset task pane opens.
  3. In the Variable list, select the variables:
    • To select a single variable, click the variable.
    • To select multiple variables, click the first variable then hold down the CTRL key and click each additional variable.
    • To select a range of variables, click the first variable then hold down the SHIFT key and click the last variable in the range.

    The cells of the selected variables highlight on the worksheet. You can also select cells on the worksheet to select the corresponding variables in the list.

  4. Click Number format.
  5. In the Format Cells window, click Number, set the number of Decimal places, and then click OK.
  6. Click OK.

    The data is re-formatted.