Analyse-it for Excel
The leading software for statistical analysis, data visualization and modelling in Microsoft Excel for over 20-years!

Transform Microsoft Excel into a full-featured statistical analysis package...

Four editions. Built for your needs.

Standard Edition

Quality Control & Improvement Edition

Method Validation

Ultimate Edition

The powerful statistical modelling & analysis you'd expect from an expensive statistics package. Statistical process control and quality improvement tools to meet customer expectations and keep them satisfied. Meet regulatory compliance demands with analytical and diagnostic method validation and verification. All the power of Analyse-it, combining all the features of the other editions.
Includes multiple regression & model-fitting, ANOVA, ANCOVA, multiple comparisons, principal component analysis (PCA), factor analysis & hypothesis testing and other tools for exploratory data analysis. Includes Shewhart control charts, process capability, pareto analysis, plus everything from the Standard edition: multiple regression & model-fitting, ANOVA, ANCOVA, principal component analysis (PCA) & hypothesis testing. Includes 11 CLSI EP protocols, Bland-Altman, Deming regression, Passing-Bablok regression, ROC curve analysis, Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA) for precision, trueness, linearity, & detection limits, plus everything from the Standard edition. Includes everything from the other editions.

35,000+ The number of customers using Analyse-it, from business and industry to education.

4,000+ The number of peer-reviewed articles in respected journals that cite Analyse-it.

105 The number of countries where Analyse-it is used.

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We've developed statistical software for more than 25 years, have a reputation for high-quality software, and have worked worked with some large companies on the back of that solid reputation. Read more about us.

But it's our customers that matter - the researchers, manufacturers, and laboratories, including many of the world's top companies and universities. Here are just a few of them...

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