Four editions. Built for your needs.

Standard Edition

The powerful statistical analysis you'd expect from an expensive statistics package. Without the complexity or cost.

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Quality Control & Improvement Edition

Exceed your customers' expectations and keep them satisfied. With statistical process control and quality improvement tools.

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Method Validation Edition

Meet regulatory compliance demands. With comprehensive validation and verification of your analytical and diagnostic methods.

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Ultimate Edition

All the power of Analyse-it, combining all the features of the other editions.

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Features matrix by EditionCompare the features and pricing for all Analyse-it editions

DistributionSummary statistics, Histogram, Box-plots, normality tests, and more.
Compare Groupst-test, ANOVA, multiple comparisons and more.
Compare PairsPaired t-test, repeat-measures ANOVA, and more.
CorrelationScatter plot matrix, correlation matrix, and more.
MultivariatePrinciple Components, Common Factors, Cronbach's alpha, and more.
Fit ModelLinear & binary logistic regression, ANOVA, ANCOVA, GLM, and more.
Process CapabilityCapability statistics, Shewhart control charts, specifications and more.
Control ChartsShewhart, Time-weighted, Attribute control charts and more.
ParetoPareto analysis, multiple stratified Pareto plots, and more.
Method ComparisonBland-Altman, Deming / Passing-Bablok regression, Kappa, and more.
MSA (Measurement System Analysis)Trueness, Linearity, 3-factor Precision analysis, Detection capability, and more.
Diagnostic PerformanceROC curve plot, compare ROC curves, Reference intervals, and more.
Annual subscription1-year license, including all software updates.
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Perpetual licenseIncluding 1-year software updates.
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