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Four editions. Built for your needs. Compare the features, pricing and get more information for all Analyse-it editions

Standard Edition

Quality Control & Improvement Edition

Method Validation

Ultimate Edition

The powerful statistical analysis you'd expect from an expensive statistics package. Statistical process control and quality improvement tools to exceed customer expectations and keep them satisfied. Meet regulatory compliance demands with analytical and diagnostic method validation and verification. All the power of Analyse-it, combining all the features of the other editions.
Annual subscription1-year license, including all software updates.
US$ 99 US$ 249 US$ 449 US$ 599
Perpetual license Including 1-year software updates.
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US$ 269 US$ 449 US$ 749 US$ 929

Features included in each edition

DistributionDescriptive statistics, Histogram, Box-plot, Dot plot, and more.
Compare groups / pairst-test, ANOVA, multiple comparisons and more.
Contingency tablesChi-square, Odds ratio, Mosaic plot, and more.
Fit modelLinear & logistic regression, ANOVA, ANCOVA, GLM, and more.
MultivariateCorrelation, PCA, Factor analysis, Item reliability, and more.
Process ControlShewhart variable and attribute control charts, EWMA, CUSUM control charts, and more.
Process CapabilityCapability indices, nonconforming units, sigma metrics, and more.
Pareto analysisPareto plots, and more.
Method comparisonBland-Altman agreement, Deming / Passing-Bablok regression and more.
Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)Trueness (Bias), Linearity, Precision, Detection capability, and more.
Reference intervalReference intervals, nonparametric quantile and robust methods, and more.
Diagnostic performanceROC curve plot, Sensitivity/Specificity, and more.