Simple linear regression tutorial

Learn how to fit a simple regression model, check the assumptions of the ordinary least squares linear regression method, and make predictions using the fitted model.

On March 1, 1984 the Wall Street Journal published data on the advertising spend and yield for a number of commercial TV adverts. The advertisements were selected by an annual survey conducted by Video Board Tests, Inc., a New York ad-testing company, based on interviews with 20,000 adults who were asked to name the most outstanding TV commercial they had seen, noticed, and liked. The retained impressions were based on a survey of 4,000 adults, in which regular product users were asked to cite a commercial they had seen for that product category in the past week. Of interest is fitting a model to describe the relationship, and making predictions using the model. For more information see DASL Story: TV Advertising Yields.

In this tutorial you will perform the following tasks: