License activation helps you meet the terms of the software license agreement and reduces piracy ensuring continued development of the software.

When you request a 30-day trial or purchase a license to use the software you receive a product key. The product key identifies features of the software you can use, the length of time you can use it for, and how many users can use it.

For all products we offer either:
  • A perpetual license that does not expire and includes 1-year of software maintenance, so you receive all software updates within the year. You can renew maintenance to continue receiving software updates, but it is not mandatory. If you do not renew maintenance you can continue using the software without further cost, although you only have access up to the last version released within your maintenance period.
  • An annual license that expires 1-year after the initial activation and includes software maintenance, so you receive all software updates within the year. After expiry, you must renew the license to continue using the software.
There are two types of license seats:
  • Fixed, per-user licenses allow a fixed number of users to install and use the software on their computer, and optionally on their laptop computer for use when out of the office. The number per-user licenses determine the number of users who can install the software. For example, a 2-user license allows two users to install and use the software. The user can transfer the license to another computer when replacing computers.
  • Floating, concurrent-user licenses allow an unlimited number of users to install the software on their computer or laptop computer, but limits the maximum number of users of the software at any time. For example, a 5 concurrent-user license allows any number of users to install the software, but only allows up to 5 users to use it at the same time. All computers must have internet access so the software can manage concurrent use.

When you activate a license on your computer the product key and a site identifier are sent to our activation server. The site identifier is a non-unique string generated using the computer's hardware configuration. In the request, we also include diagnostic information such as the version of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Excel you are using, plus some performance metrics of your computer. We use the information to shape the future development of Analyse-it. We do not collect any personal information except the name, organization and e-mail address you enter during activation.