Transforming the reference distribution

Transform the reference values to achieve a normal distribution.

You must have already completed the task:

You should transform the data when the distribution does not match the assumptions of the quantile estimator. If you cannot transform the distribution to meet the assumptions of the estimator you should consider using another estimator.

  1. Activate the analysis report worksheet.
  2. On the Analyse-it ribbon tab, in the Reference interval group, click Transform, and then click the transformation.
    The analysis task pane Transform panel opens.
  3. Set the transform parameters:
    • If the transform is the logarithm, in the Base edit box, type the base of the logarithm or enter - for the natural logarithm.
    • If the transform is Box-Cox, in Shift and Lambda edit boxes, type the parameters, or to estimate them from the data, click Estimate unknown parameter.
    • If the transform is exponential, in the Gamma edit box, type parameter.
    • If the transform is 2-stage exponential/modulus, in the Gamma and Kappa edit boxes, type parameters.
  4. Click Recalculate.