Adding additional observations

If we have our own priorities regarding what constitutes our ideal neighborhood, this can be plotted to determine a list of neighborhoods closely matching those criteria.

  1. On the Biplot task pane, click Add new observations.
  2. In the Label edit box, enter My Ideal.
  3. In the edit boxes, enter Affordability = 70,Transit = 75, Shopping & Services = 75, Crime = 80, Food = 80, Schools = 80, Diversity = 75, Creative = 80, Housing Quality = 80, Green Space = 85, Wellness = 80, Nightlife = 85
  4. Click Recalculate.
    The results are calculated and the analysis report opens.
PCA biplot(click to enlarge)

Our ideal neighborhood is interpolated onto the plot and labelled “My Ideal” (left and above the center of the plot). Neighborhoods that closely match those priorities will surround that point. Namely, these neighborhoods are Park Slope, Upper West Side, and the Flatiron District & Gramercy.