Estimating sensitivity and specificity of a binary test

Estimate the sensitivity/specificity and other measures of the accuracy of a binary diagnostic test (or a quantitative test at a specific decision threshold).

You can use this task with up to two binary tests or quantitative tests at a specified decision threshold. To show the sensitivity/specificity for all possible thresholds of a quantitative test you should use ROC curves.

  1. Select a cell in the dataset.
  2. On the Analyse-it ribbon tab, in the Statistical Analyses group, click Diagnostic, and then click Binary (Sensitivity / Specificity).
    The analysis task pane opens.
  3. In the Model drop-down menu, select the number of tests and the type of study design.
  4. In the True state drop-down list, select the true condition variable.
  5. In the Positive event drop-down list, select the state that indicates the presence of the condition/event of interest.
  6. In the Y drop-down list(s), select the test variable(s).
  7. If the Y variable is a binary variable, in the Positive event drop-down list, select the state that indicates a positive test.
  8. If the Y variable is a quantitative variable, click the menu next to the variable and select Cut-off, and then enter the criteria to recode the variable into a binary variable.
  9. Optional: Select the appropriate TP/TN/FP/FN, Sensitivity / Specificity, Likelihood ratio, Predictive value check boxes.
  10. Click Calculate.