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21-Oct-2008 Analyse-it Cuts Project Time in Half at Swiss Lab

Today we’re delighted to publish the first case study into the use of Analyse-it.

Marco Balerna Ph.D., a Clinical Chemist at the EOC (Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale) in Switzerland, used Analyse-it when replacing the clinical chemistry and immunological analysers in EOC’s laboratories.

Since the EOC provides clinical chemistry services to five large hospitals and three small clinics in the region, it was essential the transition to the new analysers went smoothly. Marco used Analyse-it to ensure the analyser’s performance met the manufacturer’s claims, to ensure the reporting of patient results was not affected, and to comply with the regulations of the EOC’s accreditation.

Overall the project involved comparing performance for 110-115 parameters, comprising over 25,600 measurements with control materials and patient samples.

Marco was so impressed with Analyse-it and the time he saved, that he was very enthusiastic when we asked if we could feature his story in a case study. We would like to publically thank Marco for his co-operation in the case study. Grazie Marco! Salute!

You can read the case study online now or download the Adobe PDF version.

If you would like to feature in a future case study, on how you’re using Analyse-it, please contact us at

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