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8-May-2009 Analyse-it 2.20 released

Today we released the latest update to Analyse-it, version 2.20, which includes some minor fixes and major improvements. The major improvements affect users of Excel 2007, though we recommend all users download this update for the minor fixes included.

Microsoft Office/Excel 2007 Service Pack 2

Late last week Microsoft started to release Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 2, and made it publicly available on Tuesday this week. Service Pack 2 includes many improvements, including some worthy performance improvements for users of Microsoft Outlook.

Unfortunately, the changes made to Excel 2007 caused Analyse-it 2.14 (and earlier) to sometimes crash when you clicked Refresh or Collate on the Report toolbar. Analyse-it 2.20 fixes the problem, working around the bug introduced in Excel 2007 Service Pack 2.

If you want to download Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 2, you can download it from Microsoft or install it automatically using Windows Update.

Support for large Excel 2007 worksheets

We've also taken the opportunity in this release to add support for large Excel 2007 worksheets. Before Excel 2007 a worksheet was limited to 65,536 rows and 256 columns. Excel 2007 expands this so you can now have a worksheet as large as 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns.

Analyse-it now supports the same, so in Excel 2007 you can analyse very large datasets. Unfortunately, Excel charts are still limited to 32,000 data points though, so some Analyse-it charts such as the dot-plot, and scatter-plot, won’t display for very large datasets.

How to download and install 2.20

You can download Analyse-it version 2.20 now at:


When you’ve downloaded the update, simply install over your existing version of Analyse-it. There’s no need to uninstall the old version and you won’t need your product key to reactivate Analyse-it -- unless you’re upgrading from Analyse-it version 1.xx in which case you’ll need to request a product key to activate Analyse-it 2.20.

Network administrators can install Analyse-it version 2.20 by repeating the server installation steps as described at /userguide/install_net.aspx

What's changed in this release?

Since many of you work in regulated environments, and need to re-validate changes made in each Analyse-it update, we have described the changes in the change log at:


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I would like to acknowledge and highly commend James Huntington for his outstanding support in overcoming the problems I experienced with the MS Office SP2 and Excel 2007 incompatibility! I enjoyed his friendly and persistent guidance in finding a solution.

Frits van der Haar, Atlanta, GA USA
The most recent V2.2 update is excellent and timely. Thank you very much.

Suggestion for the future: Add log (diff) as option in the Altman Bland analysis graph plot in addition to diff and diff-percent etc. I realize some of the challanges of this request. Use of the percent variation may address some of the issues, however, having the log format available allows direct comparison with other published results where the log format is used. Thanks. Love your software.
Thanks for the suggestion Glendon. We will look at adding log(diff) to Altman-Bland in version 3 of the Analyse-it Method Evaluation edition, which we're planning to work on in early 2010.

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