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16-Nov-2011 Announcing Analyse-it Standard Edition 3.0

Update 3rd October 2012

The Analyse-it Standard Edition version 3.00 is now available, see Analyse-it Standard Edition  to purchase a licence or download a trial.

Original article

If you follow us on Twitter (@Analyse_it) you will have seen that we released a new version of the Analyse-it Standard Edition, v3.0, to testing this week.

During the initial test phases we release development versions of the application to a small group of customers to ensure it installs and runs as expected on a wide range of PCs and configurations. The official beta test phase stage then follows where more customers are invited to download and use the software, while we iron-out the final few bugs before the official release. The official release is planned for early 2012.

Analyse-it v3 scatter matrix with histograms and density ellipses

Screenshot: Analyse-it v3 scatter matrix with histograms and density ellipses

In coming months we’ll reveal more about the many new features, statistics & plots in Analyse-it Standard Edition 3 (see image above). Pricing and upgrade costs will also be announced, though many, including anyone buying a licence today, will receive the upgrade free.

To join, get involved, and start testing early releases of Analyse-it 3 e-mail The only commitment is you need to use the application for a few hours over the coming weeks and will need either Excel 2007 or Excel 2010 (on any version of Windows). You can use the test version alongside your current Analyse-it so it will not disrupt your day-to-day work.

If you don’t already, you can subscribe to the blog, or follow us on Twitter (@Analyse_it), to get the latest information. We plan to use Twitter more in future to post small updates and notifications, and use the blog for longer articles.


Analyse-It is a wonderful program and I have used it for years. I know it has been answered before, but is there any hope for a Macintosh compatible version? I use Windows at work but all my consulting and home use is done with Macintosh. With the tremendous increase in Apple products in the last years, any thoughts on providing both platforms?
As a user of SPSS, we find this type of functionality available on Excel is stunning
Les: It is a decision we review each year, though unfortunately there are no plans for a Mac version of Analyse-it at present. Our experience with Mac development is limited, compared to Windows, and the time investment needed is not insignificant for a small team like Analyse-it. We'll definitely keep the option open though, and look at it again later in 2012.

John: Thanks for your kind comments.
Any ETA on release of version 3?
Imran: We hope to release the beta of Analyse-it v3 by the end of February. Drop us an e-mail at if you want to be included in the initial beta testing, before we move to the public beta test phase.

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