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16-Jun-2008 Analyse-it 2.11 released

Last Friday we released the latest update to Analyse-it, version 2.11. It’s a minor update providing minor fixes to issues recently reported by customers.

The update is available free to everyone, including users still using Analyse-it version 1.

In fact if you’re still using Analyse-it version 1 you should get the update right away. You’ll be impressed with the improvements to both the application and help, and if you’re using Excel 2007 you’ll love the slick Analyse-it RibbonBar .

If you’re unsure which version of Analyse-it you’re using, see our FAQ: How to find which version of Analyse-it you’re using.

How do I download and install the update?

Analyse-it automatically checks for updates every 15 days on start-up, and will tell you if an update is available to download. Firewalls can get in the way though, so if you haven’t got a notification yet, or want to download 2.11 right away, you can download at:


When you’ve downloaded the update simply install over your existing version of Analyse-it. There’s no need to uninstall the old version and you won’t need your product key to reactivate Analyse-it -- unless you’re upgrading from Analyse-it version in which case you’ll need to request a product key to activate Analyse-it 2.11.

Where can I find details of what’s changed?

We know many of you work in regulated environments and need to re-validate changes made in each Analyse-it update. To see exactly what’s changed since the version you validated, so you can just re-validate the affected statistical tests, please see the change log at:


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