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3-Oct-2012 Analyse-it Standard Edition 3.0 Improvements make it a Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Statistical Software

Leeds, England (PRWEB) October 03, 2012 -- Analyse-it Software, Ltd. today announced a major new release of their popular statistical analysis software, Analyse-it®. With support for Excel 2007, 2010 and the forthcoming Excel 2013, Analyse-it transforms Microsoft Excel into a cost-effective powerful statistical analysis and data visualization package. Statistics and plots are included for exploring and describing data, estimating parameters, testing hypotheses, uncovering relationships and fitting models.

"We’ve made major improvements to model fitting and regression analysis in Analyse-it 3.0", said Simon Huntington, Director of Statistical Products at Analyse-it. "The improvements make Analyse-it a serious rival to larger statistical packages costing up to 5 times the price. Unlike the alternatives though, Analyse-it lets you perform all your statistical analysis without having to leave, or export your data, from Microsoft Excel."

Amongst the hundreds of improvements, model fitting and regression analysis have been improved to support simple models such as linear, logarithmic, exponential and power regression and advanced models such as multiple linear regression and logistic regression. Relationships between variables can be visualized using the scatterplot matrix and partial residual leverage plots show the effect of each term when building the model. Residual plots, distribution plots, lag plots, and sequence plots are also included for checking model assumptions. And an influence plot helps to quickly identify outliers and influential points, based on Studentized residuals and Cook’s D.

Pricing for Analyse-it 3.0 starts at just US$ 249 for a 1-user perpetual licence, or US$ 99 for a 1-user annual subscription. Customers with maintenance can download version 3.0 at /support/download/, or can get the upgrade by extending maintenance from just US$ 50.

For more information and to download a 30-day trial, visit:


To check if your maintenance includes a free upgrade to version 3.0, and if not to extend maintenance, visit:


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Analyse-it is a superb tool, simple to use and delivers easy to understand results, it makes a complete statistical dunce like me look good!

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