You are viewing documentation for the old version 2.20 of Analyse-it. If you are using version 3.00 or later we recommend you go to the latest documentation.

Unlocking Analyse-it with a Product key

When you purchase a licence to use Analyse-it you will receive a Product Key. The key should be kept safe as it will unlock Analyse-it and can be used again to unlock Analyse-it in future should you need to reinstall or update the software. The product key can also be found online by logging-in to your account at in the customer support area of the web-site.

To unlock Analyse-it with a product key:

  1. Standalone licence users:
    Start Analyse-it.

    Network licence users:
    Start Analyse-it on a network client that has read/write/create access to the Analyse-it/System sub-folder on the network share where Analyse-it is installed.

  2. Click Unlock Analyse-it on the Welcome dialog box shown when Analyse-it starts. If Analyse-it starts without showing the Welcome dialog box,click Analyse-it on the Analyse-it tab/toolbar to show the About Analyse-it dialog box, then click Licences...
  3. The Analyse-it Licence Activation wizard is shown.
  4. Click Next> to go to Step 2.
  5. The end-user licence agreement (EULA) is shown. Please read the terms of the EULA and tick I agree to the terms & conditions to indicate your consent. If you have any questions about the licence terms then please contact us at before continuing.
  6. Click Next> to go to Step 3.
  7. Enter Name, Company and your e-mail address so we can notify you of important news or updates.
  8. PRIVACY  Your e-mail address is for our use only and we guarantee will never be sold to third parties.

  9. Enter Product Key, usually supplied by e-mail when you purchased Analyse-it and also included on your receipt for the purchase. If possible copy-paste the product key directly from the e-mail to avoid errors.
  10. Click Next> to go to Step 4.
  11. Analyse-it will now automatically activate the software using your internet connection. If you need to establish a connection to the internet please do so now. Click Next> to start automatic activation.
  12. If no internet connection is available Analyse-it will show the Manual Activation step. We recommend you click < Back and try automatic activation again. Alternatively instructions are provided for you to manually activate the software using a standard web-browser on any computer. When activating please ensure you enter the Site ID carefully and exactly as given, otherwise one installation of your allowed installation count will be assigned to a non-existent computer. Enter Activation Code provided by the web-site then click Next>.
  13. The software will be now be activated and unlocked.
  14. Click Finish.