Printable documentation for Analyse-it, including user-guide, statistical reference guide and administrators guide.

Complete guide:  PDF,  Kindle and  EPUB

 Problems starting Analyse-it?

Automated trouble-shooting utility to detect and fix common problems when Analyse-it does not start automatically with Excel.

  • I wanted to extend my genuine thanks for helping us today. Your customer support got me out of a very tight spot, allowing our live production facility to continue to use the validated version of Analyse-it approved for on-market manufacture
    Mark Manderson
    Site IT Administrator
    (a diagnostic development company)
  • I purchased Analyse-it and I love it. Thank you so much for the superb and easy to use program. Technical support is the best I have ever seen
    Addy Alsumidaie, MD, Ph.D.
    Director, Clinical Development
    Johnson and Johnson