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21-Dec-2017 Analyse-it is 20-years old!

Today marks the 20th birthday of Analyse-it.

It was December 1997 when we shipped the first disks containing Analyse-it to paying customers. In some ways it seems just like yesterday, but in other respects software development and Analyse-it has come so far in those 20-years.

As many of you know Analyse-it wasn’t our first foray into developing statistical software. My co-founder in Analyse-it, Simon Huntington, had previously developed Astute in 1992 from a spark of an idea from Dr Rick Jones. Astute was the first statistical add-in for Microsoft Excel, initially released in 1992 for Excel 4.0, and released a few months before Microsoft’s Data Analysis Toolpak which appeared in Excel 5.0.

We started developing Analyse-it in 1996. Astute was no longer available and so we started work on developing a replacement. We were just a start-up business, keen to get our first product to market and so worked 16 hour days, 6 days a week, for 18 months to build that first release of Analyse-it.

Software development back then was pretty brutal. It had improved leaps and bounds since the 1980s, when we started developing software, but it was still time-consuming and sheer hard (mental) work. The software development tools were relatively basic and computing power was a fraction of what it is today. We initially developed Analyse-it in C++, the only commercially-viable programming language back then, and although a very flexible programming language it was very easy to produce bug-ridden and hard-to-maintain software. Each addition or change to the software code during development took 5-10 minutes to compile before the software could be run (or tested) to see the results. Not quite as slow as the mainframe era, but in an iterative process such as software development it was still tediously slow. Compilation often failed, due to typos in the source code, which then needed to be corrected and compilation restarted. Finally when we had an executable we could then start debugging and testing it. Windows 95 was the operating system of choice, but wasn’t the most resilient. It was easy to crash Windows resulting in a reboot, reload of the software development tools, and so on. Another 15 minutes gone.

Back then, the latest release of Excel was Microsoft Excel 95, which was basically Excel 5 with a new user interface and support for 32-bit processors. More than half of our users at that time were still using Excel 5, Windows 3.1 and 16-bit processors, so we had to support both processor architectures. We used Microsoft Visual C++ on Windows 95 and Borland C++ on Windows 3.1 to develop the 32- and 16-bit versions. Constantly switching between compilers, testing on different versions of Excel and different operating systems took more time – 3-4 months in fact to convert Analyse-it from a 32-bit only to a 32-bit and 16-bit application! In comparison, it recently took just over a day to make the latest versions of Analyse-it support both 32-bit and 64-bit processors!

Finally by October 1997 we had a saleable product. We had placed an advertisement in The Biochemist magazine a couple of months before and already had a backlog of orders. We had also launched the web-site, a very basic web-site by today’s standards, but (believe it or not!) relatively modern for the time. Most users back then had VGA resolution screens, which were very small, 640x512 pixels, supporting only up to 256 colors. The web-site design now looks ridiculously tiny (see below), but that was all the space available on the screen without scrolling. In other ways it was quite revolutionary – we offered a free downloadable trial of Analyse-it, almost unheard-of back then. In those days you called a company on the telephone, spoke with a salesman, and maybe, if they considered you a reasonable prospect, they would post a disk through the post for a trial. Analyse-it was available for download directly from our web-site (albeit over a slow dial-up internet connection for most people), with no strings attached, pretty much as it still is today.

A screenshot of the first web-site back in 1998

We finally sent out the first batch of orders for Analyse-it on the 21st December 1997. Delivery was by post and on a single 3.5” disk. We used a few compression algorithms to get the software to fit onto a single disk, making postage cheaper and saving costs – important factors back then as a start-up!

Feedback to the product was amazing. Customers raved about the product, on the telephone and by e-mail, and we received so much great feedback that the product went from strength to strength to what it is today. From those humble beginnings, we’re now approaching more than 40,000 users of Analyse-it and nearing version 5.0. Development is now much quicker due to modern software development tools and we’re able to add new features much more quickly. We’ve developed custom software solutions for the CLSI and other large companies based the reputation we've built over the last 20-years. And most of our sales still come from word of mouth – from happy customers.

Here’s to the next 20 years!

18-Aug-2017 Analyse-it 4.90 released: Prediction intervals, EP14-A3 and EP30-A

Prediction intervals on Deming regression are a major new feature in the Analyse-it Method Validation Edition version 4.90, just released.

A prediction interval is an interval that has a given probability of including a future observation(s). They are very useful in method validation for testing the commutability of reference materials or processed samples with patient samples. Two CLSI protocols, and both use prediction intervals.

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28-Feb-2017 Analyse-it 4.80 in-depth: The revamped documentation

As we mentioned last week in the , in this release we took the opportunity to revamp the documentation.

The revamp involved rewriting many topics to make the content clearer, adding new task-oriented topics, including refresher topics on common statistical concepts, and improving the indexing and links between topics so you can more easily navigate the help system.

The new task-oriented topics give you step-by-step instructions on completing common tasks. For example you will now find topics on how to , , , and even simple tasks like . We have also fully documented the supported dataset layouts for each type of analysis so you can see how to arrange your data for Analyse-it. The links in each topic help you more easily find related topics, for example links to topics on how to interpret the statistics, links to explain the pros and cons of the available statistical tests, links to topics for common tasks, and a link showing you how to arrange the dataset.

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7-Feb-2017 Analyse-it 4.80 released: ANOVA, ANCOVA and revamped documentation

Last week we released version 4.80 of Analyse-it.

The new release includes multi-way , , and in the Standard edition, and since every licence includes the Standard edition, these features are available to all users. We also took the opportunity to revamp the and develop a . We’ll go into more details on the improvements in the next few weeks.

If you have you can download and install the update now, see . If maintenance on your license has expired you can renew it to get this update and forthcoming updates, see .

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21-Jan-2016 Analyse-it 4.60 released: 3 nested factor precision

Today we released version 4.60 of the Analyse-it Method Validation edition.

The new release now includes 3 nested-factor precision analysis, which extends Analyse-it’s support for CLSI EP05-A3 multi-laboratory precision studies.

If you have you can download and install the update now, see . If maintenance on your license has expired you can renew it to get this update and forthcoming updates, see .

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20-Oct-2015 Announcing the Analyse-it Quality Control & Improvement Edition

We are delighted to announce the addition of the Analyse-it Quality Control and Improvement Edition to the range of Analyse-it products.

The new edition includes the most impressive statistical process control (SPC) charts available in any Excel statistical software package, including Shewhart, Levey-Jennings, CUSUM, and EWMA charts. Process capability statistics and plots help you ensure a process is able to meet specifications. And Pareto plots help you identify the quality-related problems that need the most attention and let you monitor efforts to reduce them.

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24-Sep-2015 Analyse-it 4.20 released: Support for Excel 2016

Microsoft officially released a couple of days ago, and Analyse-it version 4.20 now adds support for Excel 2016.

Over the next few weeks we will tweak the Analyse-it user interface so it matches the new Office 2016 user interface styles. Line styles on the plots in Excel 2016 now also appear a lot thicker, due to anti-aliasing (smoothing), so we will decide whether to address that in a future update – let us know what you think.

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23-Jun-2015 Analyse-it 4.0 released: Support for CLSI guidelines, and Measurement Systems Analysis

Today we released version 4.0 of the Analyse-it Method Validation edition. This is a major new release with many new features and improvements.

The latest release of the Analyse-it Method Validation edition now supports 10 of the latest CLSI evaluation protocol (EP) guidelines. guidelines are world-renowned and are recognized by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), The Joint Commission, and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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18-Aug-2014 Analyse-it 3.80 released: Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

Today we released version 3.80 of the Analyse-it Standard edition.

The new release includes Principal Component Analysis (PCA), an extension to the multivariate analysis already available in Analyse-it. It also includes probably the most advanced implementation of biplots available in any commercial package.

New features include:

The tutorial walks you through a guided example looking at how to use correlation and principal component analysis to discover the underlying relationships in data about New York Neighbourhoods. It demonstrates the amazing new features and helps you understand how to use them. You can either follow the tutorial yourself, at your own pace, or .

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3-Jun-2014 Recent improvements in Analyse-it 3.76 and our first video tutorial!

If you you will no doubt already know about the recent improvements in the Analyse-it Method Validation edition and the release of our first video tutorial. If not, now is a good time to since we post short announcements and feature previews on Facebook, and use the blog only for news about major releases.

The latest changes and improvements to the Analyse-it Method Validation edition include:

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27-Feb-2014 Analyse-it 3.70 released: improved multiple comparisons, confidence interval data bars, mean-mean plot, and save fit model variables back to the dataset

Today we released version 3.70 of Analyse-it.

The new version includes many new features which some of you may have read about on our page over the last few weeks:

New features include:

Compare groups

Fit Model


If you have you will be notified an update is available when you next start Analyse-it, or you can download and install the update now, see . If maintenance on your licence has expired now is a good time to renew it to get this update and forthcoming updates, see .

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14-Jan-2014 Our software development and validation process

Probably the greatest concern when using statistical software is reliability. Is the software producing accurate, numerically correct results that have been validated?

It’s a very important question. Many of you work in FDA and regulated environments where the penalties for mistakes are very high. And those of you outside such environments are still making important business and research decisions using Analyse-it. It’s therefore imperative that the software you depend upon is developed to a professional standard, thoroughly tested and validated.

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12-Dec-2013 Version 3.60 now includes repeat-measures ANOVA and Friedman tests

We have just released version 3.60 of the Analyse-it Standard edition. It now includes repeat-measures ANOVA and Friedman tests in the Compare Pairs analysis.

If you have active maintenance, Analyse-it will notify you an update is available in the next few days, or you can download it immediately at:

If you do not have active maintenance, now is a great time to extend maintenance to get this latest update and all updates for the next 1- or 3-years, see:

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14-Oct-2013 Analyse-it Method Validation edition version 3.5 is now available

Today we released the Analyse-it Method Validation edition version 3.5. The software is feature complete, validated, and includes documentation. It supports Excel 2007, Excel 2010 (32- and 64-bit) and Excel 2013 (32- and 64-bit).

We took this opportunity to rename the product from the Analyse-it Method Evaluation edition to the Method Validation edition. The product is the same, but the new name better reflects the intended purpose of the product.

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14-Aug-2013 Join the Analyse-it Method Evaluation 3.5 public beta test and earn a free upgrade!

Today we released the first public beta test version of the Analyse-it Method Evaluation edition, version 3.5. The software is feature complete and is validated – it is now only missing documentation.

We invite everyone to download the beta and try the new version of the software before it is finally released in September. You will need Excel 2007, 2010, or 2013 (32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported) and it can be installed and used alongside older versions of Analyse-it so it won't interrupt your day-to-day work.

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19-Jun-2013 Analyse-it Method Evaluation Edition 3.5 alpha 3 now available

Today we released the 3rd alpha release of the Analyse-it Method Evaluation Edition 3.5. Alpha releases are versions of the software that are still in active development, but are released to small group of customers so we can identify and fix any problems before the public beta release.

This release now completes the package with method comparison, which includes Deming regression, Passing-Bablok regression, and Bland-Altman difference plots. Linearity, precision analysis, diagnostic performance (ROC analysis and binary test performance) and reference intervals were already included in earlier alpha releases.

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10-May-2013 Analyse-it Method Evaluation Edition 3.5 alpha 2 now available

Today we released the 2nd alpha of the Analyse-it Method Evaluation Edition 3.5.

Alpha releases are pre-release versions of the software that are still in active development. We release them to a small group of customers so we can get feedback and quickly identify and fix any problems before the public beta release. If you want to take part in the test phase reply or comment on to this post or . You can use pre-release versions of Analyse-it alongside your existing version of Analyse-it, so it won't disrupt your work. And, if you help during in the test phases you will get a discount on the upgrade (a free upgrade for those who contribute the most) when the product is released later this year.

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19-Apr-2013 Announcing the Analyse-it Method Evaluation Edition 3.5

We are now starting to release test previews of a major update to the Analyse-it Method Evaluation edition. The new release will include many new features (we'll reveal more in the coming weeks) and will support 32- and 64-bit versions of Excel 2007, 2010, and 2013.

During the initial test phases we release development versions of the application to a small group of customers to ensure it installs and runs as expected on a wide range of PCs and configurations. The official beta test phase stage then follows where more customers are invited to download and use the software, while we iron-out the final few bugs before the official release. The official release is planned for summer 2013.

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16-Jan-2013 Analyse-it 3.10 now includes a statistical reference guide

Yesterday we improved the help in the and added a statistical reference guide. The guide tells you about the statistical procedures in Analyse-it, with help on using and understanding the plots and statistics. It’s a work in progress, and we intend to improve it further with your comments and feedback, but it’s important to understand the role of the guide.

Firstly, the guide is not intended to be a statistics textbook. While it covers key concepts in statistical analysis, it is no substitute for learning statistics from a good teacher or textbook.

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3-Oct-2012 Analyse-it Standard Edition 3.0 Improvements make it a Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Statistical Software

Leeds, England (PRWEB) October 03, 2012 -- Analyse-it Software, Ltd. today announced a major new release of their popular , Analyse-it®. With support for Excel 2007, 2010 and the forthcoming Excel 2013, Analyse-it transforms Microsoft Excel into a cost-effective powerful statistical analysis and data visualization package. Statistics and plots are included for exploring and describing data, estimating parameters, testing hypotheses, uncovering relationships and fitting models.

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12-Jul-2012 Analyse-it Standard Edition 3.0 release candidate now available

Today we pushed the release candidate of the Analyse-it Standard Edition v3.0 for Microsoft Excel 2007 & 2010, our statistical analysis software for Microsoft Excel.

The release candidate is feature complete and is intended to be the final, almost public release of the software.

The software is now validated against our library of thousands of tests to ensure the statistics and plots are accurate and correct. You can now use the software in your day to day work and, like previous versions, it can be used alongside your current version of Analyse-it until you become more comfortable with it.

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24-May-2012 Analyse-it Standard Edition 3.0 final beta and technical specification

We’re pleased to release the final beta of the Analyse-it Standard Edition, v3.0. The beta is now publically open to anyone as we iron out any final issues and conduct final testing before release.

To download the beta, please visit:

Screenshot: Analyse-it fit model analysis includes an influence plot to identify points with a substantial effect on the fitted model.

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2-Mar-2012 Join the Analyse-it Standard Edition 3.0 beta!

Today we released the first public beta of Analyse-it Standard Edition, v3.0.

Maybe we're biased, but it is an amazing product! It's been a heck of a lot of work, but the range of statistical tests and plots in Analyse-it v3 rival what the expensive, established statistical packages provide. In fact, in many cases we’ve surpassed what they offer. And the statistical plots go beyond what's available in any other Excel add-in.

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16-Nov-2011 Announcing Analyse-it Standard Edition 3.0

If you follow us on  you will have seen that we released a new version of the Analyse-it Standard Edition, v3.0, to testing this week.

During the initial test phases we release development versions of the application to a small group of customers to ensure it installs and runs as expected on a wide range of PCs and configurations. The official beta test phase stage then follows where more customers are invited to download and use the software, while we iron-out the final few bugs before the official release. The official release is planned for early 2012.

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12-Aug-2010 Analyse-it 2.22 adds support for Excel 2010

It's been a few months since we released Analyse-it 2.22, which added compatibility with, what was then, the Excel 2010 release candidate. Now  it seems many are upgrading from Excel 2003 and are contacting us to ask whether Analyse-it is compatible. It is!

Interestingly, starting with Office 2010, Microsoft is providing 32- and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Excel. Until now Excel has been a 32-bit application only (going back to Excel 5 which was a 16-bit application).  natively supports the 64-bit microprocessors becoming more common in desktop PCs and allows you to work with truly enormous quantities of data.

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23-Oct-2009 Microsoft launches Windows 7

Yesterday Microsoft launched . It’s the next version of Windows, following on from Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000.

As a software vendor we had early access to Windows 7 and have been using it daily for approximately 6-8 months. Our impressions are Windows 7 is very reliable, stable, much faster than Vista, and is an upgrade we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

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8-May-2009 Analyse-it 2.20 released

Today we released the latest update to Analyse-it, version 2.20, which includes some minor fixes and major improvements. The major improvements affect users of Excel 2007, though we recommend all users download this update for the minor fixes included.

Late last week Microsoft started to release Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 2, and made it publicly available on Tuesday this week. Service Pack 2 includes many improvements, including some worthy performance improvements for users of Microsoft Outlook.

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14-Oct-2008 Analyse-it 2.12 released

Last Friday we released the latest update to Analyse-it, version 2.12 -- a minor update, providing fixes to minor issues recently reported by customers. The update is available free.

If you're using , and not experiencing any of the issues fixed (see the ), then you can skip the the update if you wish. But if you're using an earlier version of Analyse-it, version 2.10 or earlier, we recommend you get the update.

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16-Jun-2008 Analyse-it 2.11 released

Last Friday we released the latest update to Analyse-it, version 2.11. It’s a minor update providing minor fixes to issues recently reported by customers.

The update is available free to everyone, including users still using Analyse-it version 1.

In fact if you’re still using Analyse-it version 1 you should get the update right away. You’ll be impressed with the improvements to both the application and help, and if you’re using Excel 2007 you’ll love the slick Analyse-it RibbonBar .

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